Encourage employees and members to volunteer
Host internships and job shadowing
Strengthen education programs
Donate materials and supplies
Sponsor events
Donate Funds

Quality education is everybody’s business

When you or your business partner with a Sarasota County District school, you make an investment that benefits individual students, your business/organization, and the entire community. By bringing real-world information, experience, and support to schools, you help students see possibilities, pursue opportunities, and develop skills. Partnering with schools produces career-ready students who become more productive and contributing adults.

Partner with schools
Strengthen programs
Inspire careers
Build a stronger community

Here’s how to partner with Sarasota County District schools:

If you already know which school – Every school has a business/community partner coordinator. Call the school and talk with the coordinator about your interests and the school’s current needs. Click here for a list of schools with their phone numbers.

If you don’t know which school – Click here for a map of district schools, as you may want to choose a school close to your home or work. If you identify a school, call that school’s business/partner coordinator to discuss your interest and the school’s needs.

If you want to learn about school-based partnership needs and opportunities – Call or email the school district Office of Community Involvement (941.927.9000 ext. 31500; community for guidance to opportunities based on your interest.