Why Donate

You may ask, why does a nonprofit organization run by volunteers to support school volunteers need funding?

Well, although the TeamUP Volunteer & Partnership Council is run completely by volunteers, the work we do does require some funding, especially for our primary initiative—the Rockin’ Reader programour unique Kindergarten & PreK volunteer read-aloud program that trains a volunteer  to read with one student (1:1) for 30 minutes a week throughout the school year.

  • We have printing and social media costs (e.g., website, Constant Contact) to reach throughout the community to recruit volunteers.
  • We need to purchase materials and supplies to train volunteers for this program.
  • We need to provide materials and book sets to implement the program.
  • We also need funding for the new Family Engagement portion of the Rockin’ Reader program that extends the weekly read-aloud program into students’ homes.

For details on this program, please go to this website’s Rockin’ Reader tab.

In addition to the Rockin’ Reader program, we support the Sarasota County School District’s overall, formal volunteer and partnership program that exists in all 54 district schools, so it often requires funding to support other program initiatives. We also present annual cash awards of $1,000 each to two high school students who demonstrate outstanding volunteerism for the good of schools and the community to encourage continued community volunteerism as they transition from students to young adults.

In 1979, several community nonprofit organizations teamed to design and implement a formalized, school district-wide program to support volunteerism and partnerships in Sarasota County public schools (See About Us tab). Their creative vision for that model included establishing a nonprofit organization (TeamUP Volunteer & Partnership Council) to provide funding and volunteer manpower exclusively for the district volunteer and partnership program. This model has endured for forty years with funding support from donors such as yourself, thus making it possible for us to “connect community with schools” to help Sarasota County School District students improve academically and become proud, productive community members.

TeamUP Volunteer & Partnership Council is a 501(c)(3) organization registered with the IRS (federal tax identification 59-2354722) and the State of Florida (N00078) and does not engage professional solicitors. 
100% of all contributions received are used to fulfill the organization’s mission.