Christopher is the Creative Director for Strategic Marketing Resources, Inc., a Sarasota based marketing firm serving Nonprofit Organizations, For-profit Businesses and Individuals and Families. Christopher has served on the board of TeamUP Volunteer & Partnership Council since 2012.

Prior to joining Strategic Marketing Resources, Inc., Christopher was a Multimedia Journalist/Reporter/Bureau Chief for WWSB ABC  7 where he gathered, wrote, edited and presented stories on multiple platforms including morning and evening newscasts. He also created and presented stories to air in long form “60 Minutes” style and wrote stories for web content, Facebook and Twitter.

From an embedded feature at Parris Island to Hurricanes and their aftermath, Christopher always delivers the story. His relationships with leaders in businesses, government, entertainment and philanthropy are noteworthy and for a man in his mid-twenties, he has accomplished quite a bit.

Christopher is a charismatic and talented director, reporter, storyteller dedicated to meticulous fact checking and thorough research. He has a remarkable ability to transform complex topics into accessible and engaging news, branding and life stories. An accomplished interviewer, Christopher is able to connect with the subject, all the while gathering relevant information. A digital native and professional, he easily leverages social media tools and technology to bring stories to a broader audience. 

He did get an early start by attending Suncoast Polytechnical High School and Suncoast Technical College simultaneously and graduating from both in 2012 with Certification in Television Production.